Let's eat: Six Million tons of Fish

World's second largest Fish catch

As we know, Japan is located in middle of the Pacific - therefore for hundreds of years the main form of agriculture has been fishing. Japan consumes second largest amount of seafood right after Iceland. Six million tons of fish per year. Mostly raw, I would say.

Japan catches a lot of fish. Nowadays China is the first in amount of fish catch - Japan coming as a second. And it should not be forgotten that Japan also imports fishes. These together make the amazing six million ton number.

Japan is specialized in deep-sea fishing but this is limited by 200 mile zone from the coast that cannot be crossed.

A special seafood in Japan is a poisonous blowfish called fugu. The cook must properly cut out it's poisonous organ, otherwise it will produce a painfull death - as famous kabuki actor experienced once.


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