Miharu Koshi

Source Despoir 1992Miharu Koshi is one of the most intriquing characters in Japanese electronic music culture. She is almost always involved when there is something going on with Haruomi "Harry" Hosono, Hosono Jr, or Ryuichi Sakamoto. She has collaborated with Thomas Dolby as well.

Her style is really interesting and fresh and new. She often sings in German or in French. First CD I listened from her was "Source d'espoir". Tracks were wonderfully ambient and intriguing. Drum tracks made with old analog synthesizers made by Hosono are really fantastic and you can recognize them to be Harry's work just as soon as you hear them. Haruomi Hosono's Omni Sight Seeing was another CD I found in which Miharu Koshi contributes. Again I found her beautiful voice and genuine style.

AutoportraitEcho de MiharuFrou-frou

Autoportrait is a wonderful collection of her works and it includes lots of interesting cover-art&material. I recommend this with warmth.

CorsetHer latest album is Corset (2003) which was produced by Haruomi Hosono and published by DWWW [Daisy World Wide Web] Her products of this millennium includes also compilation CD Strange Flowers Vol.1, Frou-Frou (2001) and L'Assassinat de la rue du Pelican (2000).

Here is her full discography. If you know something is missing of wrong, please let me know.

Discography of Miharu Koshi


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